Thursday, May 26, 2005


Running on empty

Last night I decided to treadmill run (it's still raining) as soon as I got home. Did a 3-miler at a 11:00 min pace for the first 2 miles then a 10:06 min pace for the last mile. It felt great! No sucking air or anything.

I did crunches on the mat, showered, and went to put our 19 month old to bed while my husband showered and my 3 year old watched "Jungle Book" . When I returned I noticed a distinct musky (not musty) scent. I asked my husband what that smell was and he said that the 3 year old decided to make a slip and slide out of shaving cream and my yoga mat.

I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself. I mean, how could I be mad at that :) My husband was trying really hard to put on the stern face in fron tof him but would turn his back and chuckle. I love my kids - never a dull moment in our house. You can read about their other mischief in Peekaboo Adventures .

Distance: 3 miles
Time: ~ 32 min
Tempo: steady then fast


Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Rain, Rain, Go Away...

It has been raining continuously for the past two weeks which has prevented me from running outdoors again. That and the wicked case of shin splints I had for 2 days after the last outdoor run. From our house to the end of the street is 1/2 mile downhill. I need to learn to slow down or something, I never had shin splints before so I'm not sure how to prevent them other than doing those toes exercises one of my badminton partners had to do.

I ran on the treadmill last Saturday for 3 miles at a 10:45 pace! I was draggin at 11:30 so I upped the pace and felt much better. I am getting faster! Yeah

I will try and treadmill run tonight as soon as I get home and while the kids are eating dinner. That way I don't have to watch cartoons on the TV while I run.


Running in humidity

We leave for SA on Sunday for a whole week. The good news: I will have lots of time to go to the gym with my old friends since we are not taking the kids along. The bad news: I had hoped to do some flat outdoor running while there but the humidity is already sky high and it gets hot by 10am - that means I will have to wake up early on my vacation to exercise! Bah!


Monday, May 02, 2005


Last Outdoor Run

My husband and kids gave me the best early Mother's Day present this weekend. They went out of town to Grammie and Grampa's house! Yeah... 3 whole days to myself! I cannot recall the last time I even had more than 10 minutes in the bathroom to myself.

I used my time to try my first outdoor run. I usually run around a 11:30 min for up to 6 miles on the treadmill. Was I ever shocked to discover that on the road my time was 31 min for a 3 miler ! And that included walking the last 1/2 mile uphill to my house. Whoowee I must have been bookin it on the flat part. THe run felt good and not exhausting so I can't waiting to run outdoors again.

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 31:05 min
Emotion: Felt Good


Sunday, May 01, 2005


On Your Marks, get set.......Go!

Well ... in an effort to lose the last 10 lbs after baby number two, I decided to start running again last Xmas. In the past I have run because I had to rather than because I wanted to. This time is no different.

My youth was filled with national level badminton and tennis training sessions with coaches which involved running for cardio development. Maybe because of the hours and hours of training - I came to dislike it. Now older and wiser to the ways of the world, I find myself having opened my horizons to the joys of running.

We moved from San Antonio to Maine last year to return closer to our families after being in SA for 8 wonderful years. My husband and my professions as Optometrists (hence the blog title EYERUN) allowed us to make the move in hopes of setting up our own practice in Maine.
The practice will start construction from the ground up next month so you will read lots of rantings about contractors in this blog for sure.

After being a somewhat regular gym go-er, and playing tennis in SA year-round for 8 years, moving to a rural-like area with only a small "Y" was heart breaking. My husband, sick of hearing me complain about my lack of weight loss due to lack of real exercise, bought me a treadmill for Xmas. Love that man! Since Xmas I have lost 10 lbs and I made a goal for myself to lose the last 10 pound by the end of this summer.

I made a pact with myself to run 3 times a week for 5K on the treadmill with some occassional outdoor running if possible.


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