Monday, April 24, 2006


Do I still live here?

It’s been much too long my dear friends since I last posted !

Our new office had it’s official grand opening/open house/ribbon cutting ceremony on April 10th so the stress of building the office is now over. We have had a steady stream of patients booking appointments so it looks like we’re going to be OK. There are some pics above. The judges paneling around the check-in and check-out desks is all clear maple and cherry baseboard and crown.

I have totally not been running since my last post. I desperately need to get back on track (or the road actually) now that I have a set schedule. I thanked my builder for stressing me out the last 2 weeks before we opened (he was putting up shelving an hour before the opening) because it caused me to lose 5 lbs. That made most of my pants a bit looser and gave me all the more reason to go shopping.

I plan on looking up the race schedule here in Maine and see which ones I want to do.
I love Spring! It energizes me and makes me walk a little brisker, hold my head up higher, and think beautiful thoughts of chasing the boys around the yard in the summer. I look forward to spending weekends at the lake kayaking and playing around in the water. Sigh. Weather, hurry up and get warm! We stopped by the lake this past weekend and picked up all the old bedding so it can have a good washing.


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