Tuesday, June 28, 2005



I love the San Antonio Spurs!! They are a team of good, kind hearted guys that are very community oriented. I used to live in a gated, guarded community where Sean Elliott, Tim Duncan (until he moved), and Rasho Nesterovich lived down the street from me. Talk about a nice bunch of guys. Becuase of our professions we have had occassion to mingle at social events with Dave Robinson (fundraising for his charter school) and Robert Horry. Great, great guys!

Flying back to Maine last year my husband, IJ, sat next to coach Gregg Popovich who owns a summer home in Bar Harbor. What luck since my husband played college B-ball.

*A note about gated, guarded subdivisions- they offer a false sense of security because everyone has yard workers and housekeepers that come and go everyday within the subdivision so thinking that you are keeping potential crime out is a misconception. If someone really wants to get in they will find a way. There were quite a few breakins in a short time period once and it was linked to a landscapers nephew who used the name of one of the clients to gain access inside then broke in.

So... back to running- my dad was training for a marathon this year( He started running 2 years ago at age 60). He ran all winter long in the snow with his training group and was supposed to run the race in May, he was very happy with his progress until April when he started to feel a "flutter" in his breathing. He had this happen 2 years ago while we were living in SA and it ultimately led to an angioplasty. So off he went to see his cadiologist. His tests were on June 13 but his results won't come back for another couple of weeks- that's the free Canadian health care system for you.

In the meantime he was told not to run such long distances for a while, my dad has been a life long athlete in one sport or another so needless to say to he was very disappointed. We planned a clandestine 8 mile run :evil: without my mom knowing so she wouldn't have a fit.

This weekend we went to Fredericton again to leave the kids with my parents for a week while we put their outdoor playset together. We worked on it for 3 hours last night until the mosquitos starting eating us alive and we got to step 2 of 95. At this rate it will take all week long! The problem was that the holes don't match up with the nuts and bolts at each end so we ended up having to drill and widen the holes. I mean, come on, when you pay $1000 for this thing it should come with well drilled holes. Off to Home Depot we will go to buy longer Hex head bolts and endcaps. Ha didn't I sound professional?

Back to work - patients await.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005



Ran 2 times last week then went to visit family in Fredericton. Ran twice this week for 3 miles both times at roughly a 10:30min/mile pace.
Back to SA for a moment, it was so hot and humid by 6am that it was impossible to run in the AM. I do not like the humidity being in the 80% range- I am an Eastern Canadian, I am used to cool dry temps. I had to stop and ask myself several times how we managed to live in SA for 8 years and play tennis tournaments in that awful summer heat and humidity.
I am glad to be back in Maine permanently and will only consider moving down South after I retire, maybe to Florida like all other Mainers so we can hop on the I-95 and keep on cruising until we hit water.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I hate 100F weather

Hi Everyone- back from San Antonio for a week or two now.
What was that? Did I run while down visiting my old town? Did I even exercise? Did I do anything other than shop, shop and more shop? No, no and yes. I didn't spend my whole time shopping, there was a lot of eating to be done. Boys-I'm a sucker for great Mexican food. Real Mexican not just Tex-Mex stuff but the low fat, very flavorful kind.

Take a look around - most Mexicans are not fat, in fact they are usually very thin, Mexican-Americans on the other hand are often overweight because the Tex-Mex food is laden with lard and cheese as its two main ingredients.

Ate the best sushi at Sushi-Zushi. I love that place more and more everytime I go. So long story short not much exercise other than a lot of walking.


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