Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been crazy busy around our house lately. I have been a very good girl and running on the treadmill 2-3 times a week for anywhere from 3-5 miles followed by some light weights. I have also been making a conscious effort to watch everything I eat on a daily basis. This is all in preparation for the summer running season. The is a marathon/ 1/2 marathon in May in my hometown of Fredericton which I would love to run so I'm trying my best to fit the running in as much as I can.
Our truck “Big Red” is all fixed, we picked it up on Valentine’s Day and it looks like brand new (considering it was only 2 years old it looked new before the moose). There are some minor things that need to be fixed like the tiny leak on the corner of the windshield and the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel that don’t work. But otherwise, as good as new. The kids are glad to have it back.
In kid news, my little, sweet, precious baby (yes I know he’s almost 2 ½ now but he’s still my baby) has a very unfortunate accident on Valentine’s weekend. I was running on the treadmill while the boys played with their toys and Playdough. “S” came over to retrieve some candy hearts he had hidden in my cupholder, I jumped on the side rails while I helped him get them out but in the meantime “N” came over to get some candy too. Well, the normally ‘fraidy cat climbed onto the front of the running treadmill and went flying off the back. OK now normally that would be an exciting ride for a kid but he went head first and connected with a dumbbell behind the treadmill. His forehead split open and blood was literally gushing everywhere! I, being in the medical profession, have seen lots of blood but never actually pumping out of a forehead.
I grabbed him, ran upstairs, grabbed a clean towel, pressed it against his head all the while explaining to “S” what is happening, and needs to be done(that’s the medical in me). Ian was out of town for the day and since we didn’t have the truck back yet I had no choice but to call 911. In a matter of minutes, maybe 7 or 8, we had the Police, Ambulance and Fire Rescue at our door. “S” proceeded to greet them at the door with “ Hi my name is S, I’m 3 and this is my brother N and he’s 2. He climbed up on to the running machine while Mama was running on it, flew of the back and smashed his head on one of Mama’s exercise weights(hands gesturing). I don’t know why he did it but he’s hurt now. Are you gonna take us to the hospital? My dad took the car to work and our truck is still broken.”
I swear to you know who that is exactly what he said. The cop looked up at me incredulously and I just kept nodding my head and said “Yup, ditto what he said"
So "S" stayed with my neighbor who came running over with all the commotion while "N" and I headed off in the ambulance (the bleeding had stopped by the time EMS got to the house). He looked all around and fixed his gaze on the defibrillator unit and said "Mama, wanna watch Doda (Dora)". HAHA. I mean the kid is hurt, he must have have a hell of a pounding headache and he wants to watch Dora !
His stitches came out last week and he is doing just fine now but he's milking it for all its worth. He tells S "I got ouchie, gimme that" :)
Our office construction is plugging along nicely. the exterior is almost finished and they start sheetrocking today on the inside. They still expect to be completely finished in a month so we have planned the advertising and opening to be in April. Whew! With all this going on, you can see why it doesn't give me much time to blog.
Here's some pics:


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