Tuesday, October 25, 2005



It snowed today...need I say more?


Saturday, October 15, 2005



*jumping up and down and dancing in circles*
I did it, I did it !
I figured out how to add the picture to the top and the sides. Yeah for me :)
Real post follows...


New Icon

Look what I found...

Now I just have to figure out how to add it to my header. I'm gonna work on it tonight and hope I don't mess up the template (since I really don't know what I'm doing) I just cut and paste by trial and error and hope it works. I know that horrifies all computer programmers out there.

In other news, I haven't been running. I'm trying to be a really compliant patient and let the pain in my knees go away completely before I run again. In the meantime, I feel terrible. Your body gets used to a certain amount of physical activity and when that changes, boys oh boys, it doesn't like it. I'm talking about that fat feeling girls get. Everything gets just a wee bit tigher than desired.

So what am I doing about this other than complaining on my blog? ...
I'm getting a bike! YUP, you heard me I'm getting a KHS Eastwood from my parents as an early holiday gift. It looks like this:

My Dad just bought the same one last month and I loved it when I took it out for a test ride. Here's the description on KHS's website:
"Want to get there in comfort and style? Want to get there as quick and effortlessly as possible? If you answered yes to both of these questions then check out the Eastwood, Westwood, Brentwood or even the new RC1620 Recumbent and Urban-X. These models are the perfect balance between comfort, speed and price." That's me!

I'm also getting one of those trainer things that props up the back wheel so I can "bike" in the winter in the basement. I needed a bike that I could use with the kids as well as for fitness, if I get real good then someday I'll get a road bike. Hopefully the cross-training over the winter will prevent the sore knees again.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Computer error

OK so it's not a computer error but just me and my computer illiterate self. Since I switched to Haloscan for comments a couple of weeks ago I noticed the comments don't go to my e-mail account. In trying to see why I went to Haloscan's website today and to the comments section. There I went to "Manage comments" and deleted the old comments. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
In doing so it deleted the comments from my posts PERMANENTLY. Yikes, I thought it was just like an inbox or something. So I have lost all my wonderful comments especially the 20 from my race report. Sorry everyone, I even deleted Cassie's and Flatman's comments from today without realizing what was happening. Anyone visiting my blog now will think I have no friends *weep*. Oh well, learn as I go I guess. CRAP!

PS. Don't forget to read the post below :)



Congratulations to Shankar,Wil, Dianna, April-Anne, Susan, Michelle, Sarah and anyone else I've forgotten for finishing their half/marathons this weekend ! YOU GUYS ROCK ! ! !

I haven’t posted in a week because I haven’t been running. My knees were very sore after finishing the Half last weekend. I started to feel the soreness right around mile 10 (which, coincidentally, is where I felt my steam running out). To avoid aggravating them any further, I am resting them for a couple of weeks before either hitting the treadmill or running outdoors if it stops raining.

The pain is on the outside of my knees and just down a bit in the little notch where some tendon goes. I tried looking it up in Netter and can't seem to figure out exactly what is wrong. I'm leaning toward IT Band but the symptoms don't match. The rest of my leg is fine. It's not under the kneecap to patellar-femoralitis. Just not sure what it is but I'm guessing that after a good rest it should be fine.

I could tell my form must have been shot in order to cause such pain so I have made a list for myself of things to work on over the winter (not all about running so please bear with me) :

  1. Better form- read lots more articles and books on proper form.
  2. Videotaping a brief run to view the form.

  3. Work on shorter distances but faster.

  4. Built up to longer, faster distances.

  5. Continue to eat right.

  6. Finish losing the last 5-8 lbs to reach (almost) pre-baby weight.

  7. Try and find time to incorporate swimming and weights into winter regimen.

  8. More crunches to strengthen midsection.

  9. Another Half next Spring? If I can keep the training over the winter.

  10. Maybe, just maybe a Full Marathon next Fall (2006) or Spring/Summer 2007.

  11. Seeing if any of my blog friends want to run a race together.

  12. Continue to teach “S” his letters and to spell 2-3 letter words.

  13. Wean “N” off his pacifier for nighttime.

  14. Teach “N” to count from 10-20.

  15. Finish tearing down the rest of the ivy wallpaper in the kitchen.

  16. Paint the kitchen in a faux finish as planned since last year.

  17. Buy artwork (real stuff but not expensive) to put in dining room.

  18. Change brass, old people looking lighting fixtures to more contemporary style ones to match our taste.

  19. Stop procrastinating about interior design home improvement.

  20. Love my kids lots and lots. They grow up way to fast. And lastly…

  21. Spend as much quality time with my wonderful husband : )


Tuesday, October 04, 2005



WE DID IT ! ! ! ! !
Who : Me and Ian (my husband)
What : Maine Marathon/Half Marathon
When : Sunday Oct 2/05
Where : Portland Maine
Why : Just for the challenge :)

My Time : 2:27.24 ! (According to my watch) Official time 2:29.??
Ian’s Time: 1:56.??

The race was so much fun, I think I’m officially hooked ! The weather was absolutely perfect. At the 7:45 am gun it was a nice cool 59(F and at the finish it was almost 70(F. Just beautiful. The course was pretty flat overall with a mile of hills before and after the turnaround.

When we arrived at the registration on Saturday, The conversation went as follows:
Him : “Rather than just standing around for 2 ½ hours waiting for you to get done, maybe I’ll run the race too”.
Me : “ WHAT?! But you haven’t trained at all in the past 2 months”
Him : “I know but I really don’t feel like standing there waiting”
Me : “ What about your sore knees after your last run, which I’ll remind you was only 6 miles”
Him : “I’ll just run slower and keep you company, we can run together”
Me : “Awww”

At the parking garage I noticed none of the other runners had iPods or other music devices. So I asked another runner if they were allowed (since radio headsets were banned), she thought maybe not so I left it in the car. Baaad mistake. *Note to self-if you have always trained with an iPod then use it during the race. I think I could have kept a better pace had I not had to listen to the sound of my feet hitting the pavement let alone 2499 other runners feet too.

Ian ran with me for the first 5 miles which were at ~ 10:15-10:30 pace at which point he decided he really didn’t like running slow :( so he away he went (with my support of course). He musta hauled ass the final 8.1 in order to finish in under 2 hours :)

After the 7 mile turnaround I met a runner named Dave from Atlanta who ran the same pace as me. We ran together while chatting until mile 12 when my shoelace came untied, I stopped to tie it but other than that I RAN THE WHOLE WAY. After the finish I introduced Dave to Ian and we learned that Dave owns a Bentley/Ferrari dealership in Atlanta. Neato.

He and his wife Chris, a cardiologist, runs races every other weekend. She is a triathlete who either runs a marathon or does a triathlon every 2 weeks and just finished Ironman Wisconsin while Dave does Halfs. What a cool life (needless to say they have no kids).

So not wearing an iPod allowed me to meet Dave and his wife so maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

The other thing I learned is that my watch has only an eight lap memory so I lost the first 5 mile split info. Oh well, an excuse to buy a new watch.

On another note my third toe on my left foot got bruised, sore then turned grey-yup I guess I have my first black toe. Am I a real runner now?


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