Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Training up a storm...

Hi there friends in blogland. I'm very much alive and very well thank you very much for wondering. The last couple of months have been busy but in a very good way.
I'm back to running at least 4-5 miles about 3 times a week BUT... I joined a gym June 1st to help start back to weight training and have been a regular about 4 times a week.

So far I have lost 10 lbs and 9 % body fat !!! Yeah for me. The most remarkable difference is in the inches. No more back fat under the bra, which is great since it is swimsuit season now. I am actually excited and not hesitant about wearing a bikini this summer. My arms are toned now and don't jiggle so much and the post-baby pouch is not noticeable (at least when I am standing up straight-hunched in a lawn chair...yeah well that's another story), and best of all...the love handles are gone now :)

I have also found a group of female runners that want to run the Half in October with me, so there is now more motivation to keep with my end of the training.

My posting will be sparse between working and training after work and then spending time with the kids but I will try my best to post weekly. I scan everyone else's blogs whenever I can but never have time to comment anymore.


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