Monday, May 01, 2006


Spring Cleaning

I find myself waking up at 5am every morning since the time change so I decided that I should use that extra time doing something productive. Rather than lying in bed and reading or pulling up the covers to take off the morning chill, my new plan is to get me arse out of bed and run on the treadmill (it's still too cold ~30F) or just do some free weights.

Day 1 was yesterday, Sunday, and it started out very well. While I didn't get to the treadmill in the basement until 7AM, I managed to run an easy 3 miles at 11:30 pace. Then I worked shoulders, biceps and triceps (my new target area).

The forecast was for a nice day (it ended up being 72F!) so we decided to take the kids to the lake and trim some of the brush and dead tree limbs that cover the beachy area. We packed a BBQ lunch of Red Dogs (red hot dogs for those of you who have never been to Maine), chips, drinks and the requisite lake beverage -beer.

The kids really got into helping us trim the branches that touch the cottage roof and helped haul the cut stuff across the road to the wooded area. We trimmed so much that we feel like we have a whole new view of the lake. It is very open and unobscured now.

I was so busy and caught up into tree trimming that I completely forgot to use my camera, even though I always carry it in my purse, so unfortunately there are no before and after pics.

The boys even were brave enough to venture into the freezing cold water with their sneakers on, even though Mom had specificallly told them not to. Sigh. Boys, what can I say?

No running planned today, maybe just some lunges with weights. Treadmill again in the early AM is on the agenda but we'll see what happens :)


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