Thursday, January 12, 2006


New Year

Happy new year everyone!

Blogger ate my original post so I have to remember what I wrote.

The kids had a great time over the holidays with their cousins who came to visit for the new years long weekend. They went sledding on a really big hill, swimming in the local pool and made snowmen in the front and back yards.

Our truck will take 3 more weeks until it will be ready. In the meantime we have a rental Dodge Magnum. I'm not crazy about the exterior style nor do I like the limited visibility from the inside,and it handles terrible in snow. Way too many blind spots for my liking. So I called Enterpri$e and told them that it has very little traction and poor visibility...and you know what the kid told me? "Yeah it sucks".

So why rent it to me as a "free upgrade"?! I'd rather have the midsize I originally requested if it means better safety on these slick snow covered Maine roads. Plus the seatbelts suck for carseats. The click-in part ends up behind the padded back digging into a child's back. If you loosen it then the car seat is not really strapped in well and will thrust forward any time you put the brakes on. What a poorly designed car!

So he "upgraded" us again to a small SUV "for only $5 more" OK fine, so now we are driving a Kia Sorrento. It's a pretty nice little vehicle, kinda resembles a Lexus RX300 except that the engine parts seem like they are made with Tinkertoys when you're used to a big Ford truck engine. But, best of all it is designed to handle kids car seats - yeah!

I'm in the market now for a fluid filled bicycle trainer so I can use my new bike. Right now it is in the finished basment looking at all the kids toys and saying "won't someone play with me too?" Soon enough my little friend, soon enough. The trainers I found are around $300 which is a bit much for me right now, so I'm searching for a used (but with no problems) one. I'll give it another month and then I might just get the new one from CycleOps. Does anyone have one? and what do you think about them?

I've been treadmill running whenever I can- 2 miles here and 3 miles there. I just grab whatever I can manage. I have 10 lbs until I reach my "reasonable goal weight" and 15 lbs to my pre-pregnancies weight and 20 lbs to my pre-marriage weight. I do not wish to go back to my ultra lean pre-marriage weight because I was a bit thin then and I was training 5 hours a day year round. Not possible now-unless my husband wins the Megabucks, lets me retire early and train all day again. See, not likely :)

Post-wreck rental cars suck. After our Expy was mauled we had to upgrade to a Pontiac G6 (small car) for six weeks and then we had a Chrysler Sebring for a week. It's been such an ordeal. I'm still yelling at insurance agents daily and our wreck was in October!

I'm REALLY over it!!!!!

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