Monday, December 12, 2005


Agatha Christie...

Hubby asked to use the Expedition today to “help” a fellow doc move some filing cabinets. Hmmm, something smells fishy here!
Here’s why -

In one way I’ll be really happy to get the bike but on the other hand I have a hard enough time as is making treadmill time. I will admit there are plenty of times I could be working out at home but you know what, my kids come first.

This is not an excuse but rather simply accepting things as they are. Confusing isn’t it? I figure it this way, if my kids are tired, hungry and grumpy when we get home at 5:30pm it is my job as their mother to make things right. This usually means food, cuddling and lots of hugs. Those of you who have kids know this takes time and that when there are hungry toddlers around even the fastest microwaveable Kraft Dinner (Mac & Cheese) isn’t fast enough.

*violins start playing*
I envy all you kidless folks out there for having the time to work out whenever you want (I was like that too, once). To those of you that have only one child, you too have more time to yourself (you’re only “it” 50% of the time). It is common knowledge that the more children you have, the less time you have for yourself, especially if it is your job to pick up the kids and feed them because your day ends sooner. When you have 2 or more kids you are “it” all the time because at any given time there is at least one child that needs you, guaranteed.

Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. I would not change my life for anything, I absolutely adore my 2 young boys and would love to have 2 more kids but I don’t know if that will happen since time is limited (I’m 35-ugh-now).

My point is when I’m 50 will I be looking at myself and saying “wow, I’m glad I put the kids needs aside so I could have this rock hard body” or will I say “I’m so happy that my kids are happy and cared for and that I am in pretty darn good shape for my age”.

The best time to be in great shape is before you have kids and after your kids are teenagers (at that point they are somewhat self-sufficient). In the interim, I make do as much as I can and wait for the teenage years to come so I can have that “rock hard body”
Some days I get discouraged by all the activity other runners are doing in the off-season, with their running, swimming, weights etc but I have to remind myself that it really is impossible for me to fit those things into our family schedule right now. When the kids are in grade school and they have practice for one sport or another I can drop them off, go for a run and be back in time for pickup. Yeah.
*violins stop playing*

Still there? I haven’t lost you yet?
Good, a there any logical reason to take 2 toddlers to xmas eve church services if they never pay attention and are always being shushing by their grammie (my MIL) even though they are in the glassed off kids room?

I would prefer to not take them (the last 2 years were tough with them). We don't go to church because we are raising them Hindu but to appease my Mother-in-law we go to church at Xmas and Easter. My kids are very well behaved but they are at the age that to go to something formal and to have to sit still, let alone not talk is very hard for them. Especially when there are other kids in the same room. My MIL gets disturbed that they are ruining the service for her even though we told her and the FIL to sit with the rest of the congregation if they wanted to hear the service.

My husband agreed to Xmas at their house instead of ours thinking that he was doing me a favor so I wouldn't have to cook but I would rather cook than listen to the MIL go on about why we don't take the kids to church. *Note to MIL (she doen't know about this blog) it was your son who chose to raise his kids in my religion not me! We make sure to teach the kids about all different faiths, and cultures but, ack, the MIL is pissing me off. The Hindu religion is very mythological, which makes it fun (remember Greek mythology in high school?). When my 3 year old was telling her the role of some of the indian gods, she replied with "oh great, he knows about the gods now"
Curse the MIL! I'm taking back the cashmere sweater set now!

I’ll keep you posted on the Xmas sleuthing *giggle*


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